Barbara Walters Is Senile & Whoopi's Just Plain Stupid

Woooo-Peee! Ms. Walters' newest recruit for her TV show "The View" debuted today and promptly defended NFL star Michael Vick for being a pig who has no problem torturing and forcing dogs to kill or be killed because (according to Whoopi Goldberg): Vick "is a kid who comes from a culture where this is not questioned." If the fool Vick thought it was A-OK to make dogs kill each other for sport, why did he lie about it when confronted? Does he pretend that he did not know such sport was against the law?
Michael Vick's mega million dollar NFL contract was his golden opportunity to leave behind any nonsense that his "culture" dictated. Maybe in prison he'll get to play 'doggy'. It's ok if that's part of the culture he comes from, too, right?

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